The Salford Trail: Agecroft Walk

The Salford Trail is a new, long distance walk of about 50 miles/80 kilometres and entirely within the boundaries of the City of Salford. The route is varied, going through rural areas and green spaces, with some road walking in between. Starting from the cityscape of Salford Quays, the Trail passes beside rivers and canals, through country parks, fields, woods and moss lands. It uses footpaths, tracks and disused railway lines known as ‘loop lines’. The Trail circles around to pass through Kersal, Agecroft, Walkden, Boothstown and Worsley before heading off to Chat Moss.
After crossing this vast landscape, the Trail returns to Salford Quays from the historic Barton swing bridge and aqueduct. Trail Number 3 takes in Agecroft Cemetery.


Heritage Trust Network

The group has become a full member of the Heritage Trust Network, a national organisation which shares advice and information relating to the restoration of historic buildings. Through the Trust we will be able to draw on the experience of heritage experts and enthusiasts and learn from similar community campaigns. The Trust is a key conduit for information on bringing historic buildings back into use whilst managing and sustaining these heritage assets so that they have a certain future. For further information go to:

Campaign Group

The Agecroft Cemetery Chapel Restoration Campaign Group meets monthly at the Town Hall in Swinton, Salford, Greater Manchester. The group includes several local residents and a ward councillor supported by neighbourhood officers and cemetery staff, all committed to the restoration of the chapel. As the campaign progresses we will be looking for additional volunteers with appropriate expertise including experience in fund raising, business and IT skills. Use the contact form to let us know if you wish to join the group, giving details of your background and how much time you can commit to the campaign.

Members of the group have also been meeting Lottery Fund and Architectural Heritage officers on a regular basis in order to progress the campaign.