Agecroft Grange, the Ward family and Conscription 1916

From the Aberdeen Press April 1916 FARMERS’ ARITHMETIC INCLUDED PART OF CEMETERY IN HIS ACREAGE. The Salford tribunal cancelled certificates of exemption to three of the sons of Agecroft farmer named James Ward, the certificates given to two other sons remaining untouched. The case was reheard at the request of the military representative, who stated that serious doubt had arisen of the accuracy of evidence given at the last hearing, when it was stated that the sons were working on two farms of 144 acres. Mr Ward stated that in the acreage he had included about thirty-eight acres of the Salford cemetery, the grass of which they had to cut twice. There were about thirty-eight acres on the farm, which, having to be cut twice, made it into seventy-six. The Chairman said the Tribunal thought it perfect nonsense to say that Mr Ward farmed seventy -six ¬†acres when thirty-eight were cemetery land, which he did not farm, simply cutting the grass. They could only think the statement made for a purpose.

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