the campaign

Since 2015 a local group of volunteers – The Agecroft Cemetery Chapel Restoration Group – has been working with  Salford Council officers to restore and bring the former Anglican mortuary chapel at Agecroft Cemetery in Salford, Greater Manchester back into use.

ageroft chapel landscape cemetery
The Agecroft chapel in the summer of 2016 shortly before the removal of vegetation which had built up over the years. The photograph provided invaluable information on the condition of the chapel, especially the nave roof, the lantern and tower. The aerial shot also provides a wonderful view of the cemetery layout, its position in the landscape and the views to the north. The drone photograph was taken by the Manchester, Bolton, Bury Canal Society.

The first crucial stage in the campaign, once some funds were in place, involved the removal of plant growth from the exterior of the building which had built up since 1985 when the chapel was closed. Once the dense ivy and other plants were removed a specialist historic building surveyor was able to take an objective look at the structural condition and to give his comments about the viability of restoration. The comments were favourable and the group then moved forward to secure funding for a further, in depth structural survey. Grants were acquired from Salford neighbourhoods and from the Heritage Lottery and Architectural Heritage Funds for this purpose. The successful outcome of these applications means that the group can now take the campaign one step further, proceed with the structural survey and gain a firm idea of the projected costs of any future full-scale restoration.

agecroft chapel lantern cemetery
View of the lantern. Although the photograph reveals the deterioration which had taken place over years of neglect, remarkably the structure has survived,  vital evidence for restorers to replicate and replace. The pierced woodwork shows the art nouveau design elements which are repeated on other cemetery buildings at Agecroft. In the distance the cemetery office and Jewish cemetery show the context and scale of this unique landmark building. 2016
agecroft chapel porch cemetery
Two views of the north porch: the main public entrance to the former Anglican chapel. 2016
agecroft chapel porch cemetery
The porch woodwork and door date from 1903
agecroft chapel clockface cemetery
The clock faces, once lit by gas,  will be restored and brought back into working order.
agecroft chapel tower overgrown vegetation
Shrouded in a thick mantle of vegetation the chapel was closed in 1985 and later deconsecrated.








Watch this space for future announcements and the dates of community consultations and events. We will be asking for feedback and ideas on future uses for the building, information which will help in future applications for funding. You can use the contact form to give us your comments.  You can also catch up with chapel developments and support the campaign on our facebook page where you can also give us your comments and support: